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An Englishwoman, a Scotsman and a Frenchman walk into a bar… Sounds like the start of a joke and is actually a podcast where we talk about things we love, mostly movies. Hosted by Adam Dick, Anouk Aslam Wulfing & Yann Sicamois. Produced by Milk In A Wineglass.

EP #10A - RAINDANCE (2017)

November 5, 2017

(Recorded on the 09 OCT 2017)

Wherein we talk about the 25th edition of the Raindance Film Festival.

Talking about film festivals in general, Raindance in particular, submissions, casting rant Weinstein, independent filmmaking, festival Q&A’s, phones during screening, festival passes, industry events, ginger fetish, creative use of mirrors, long takes, an evening with Patrick Tucker, red carpet, Oscar categories, tips for future Raindance attendees, business cards, awards, web-series, parisians, Emmys, French people stealing the show, Elliot Grove’s three fingers, podcast listeners, anecdotes, acting on stage vs acting for camera, training and acting techniques, casting, stoicism, inner game, Instagram series and our FaceBook group.

Erratum: Yann said Melocotones/Peaches’ director is Spanish, he is not, he is from Dominican Republic, the language spoken in the movie is Spanish.

“If you fight you might lose, if you don't you have already lost.” Bertolt Brecht


FB Group: www.bit.ly/2zerjQM



Lo-to-No Budget Filmmaking, Elliot Grove / http://amzn.to/2zlfvvX

Secrets of Screen Acting, Patrick Tucker / http://amzn.to/2lSgKxd

Truth in Action, Mark Westbrook / http://amzn.to/2zfSo3Q


Feature films:

Isolani / www.facebook.com/IsolaniFilm

Edie / www.ediemovie.com

Melocotones / www.imdb.to/2A6WASI

Oh Lucy! / www.imdb.to/2lRDCNp

Barrage / www.imdb.to/2ivTxw0

Apricot Groves / www.bit.ly/2zknxF1

I’m Not Here / www.imdb.to/2AjySUa

The Constitution / www.imdb.to/2lPSjki

Black Hollow Cage / www.imdb.to/2y1Mn9v

Gunpowder / www.imdb.to/2j1l10k

That’s Not Me / www.instagram.com/thatsnotmefilm



BRUCE / www.youtube.com/user/HowToTalkAustralians

Jezabel / www.bit.ly/2lQRcAU

Bertrand / www.bit.ly/2ghQgQI

Pls Like / www.bit.ly/2y1WVWO


Is it Good, Bad or just plain Standard? Listen to find out.


Hosted by Adam Dick, Anouk Aslam Wulfing & Yann Sicamois

Produced by Milk In A Wineglass


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