EP #2A - EDFRINGE (2017)

Wherein we talk about our experience on how to survive 4 weeks of performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with a guest.

Talking about Greyfriars Bobby, Avignon, theatre, flyering, marketing, Acting Coach Scotland, viewpoints, social media, venues, stagecraft, rehearsals, shows, phonebooks, Trainspotting Live, storytelling, the jelly bean concept, Walls and Bridges, Amnesty International, political plays, Bin Laden One Man Show, a Libyan play, performing for a man and his dog, movement, Edgartown, reviews, Troika, Leftover, improv and immersive 360° (binaural) audio.

Is it Good, Bad or just plain Standard? Listen to find out.

Shout-out to: Peter Brush 

Hosted by Adam Dick, Anouk Aslam Wulfing & Yann Sicamois

Guest: Alastair Duncan

Produced by Milk In A Wineglass

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