The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard



August 5, 2018

"A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure." - Henry Kissinger

Focusing on the 2014 phenomenon which gained J.K. Simmons an Oscar and Damien Chazelle worldwide recognition, way before La La land.

With Adam Ross Greene, a friend who trained at Acting Coach Scotland the year after us, we talk about various things including but not limited to Fringe, ACS, acting things…

"Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal" - Usually attributed to Pablo Picasso

Touching on how we perceive reviews, the challenges of acting training, past ACS productions, creative process, music, 24 minutes in we start to talk about the film, romanticising bullying and mental health in the arts, time, respect, creative differences in arts, self-respect, is Fletcher redeemable?, humour, music, music and music.

Keith Moon:

John Bonham:

Scott Hutchison:

All My Friends Are Dead Music Video:

Adam Ross Greene is currently on stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, twice a day in:

The Edge of You:

Sex, Drugs and a Cup of Tea:

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The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard podcast is hosted by Adam Dick, Anouk Aslam Wulfing & Yann Sicamois and produced by Milk In A Wineglass.

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