The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard



August 19, 2018

Sharing the « stage » with another guest I met thanks to « Hamlet in Seoul », for another entry in our Musical Summer. Today is all about Shine, the David Helfgott biopic who got Geoffrey Rush an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Talking about Kite Flying Robot, David Helfgott and the Rach 3 concerto, fact and fiction, picking on scenes, romantic composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, how Rach 3 came to be, Football World Cup, nations, flags, Hilary Duff, scenes we liked, an unsung character, act mental illness (Tropic Thunder, I Am Sam), Mahdi & Richard Turner DEALT documentary, romanticising disability without respect, high vs low concept story, JAWS in space, rating and MIAWG questionnaire.



David Helfgott’s website:

Touring dates: 

London 13/10/18,

Paris 27/10/18,

Hello, I am David


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