The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard


050.0 - EMPIRE RECORDS (1995)

August 19, 2018

Turning 1 year auld with this episode, unveiling a special Displate, why did Yann pick this film to be in The Vault?, story-time, disclaimer theatrical vs Fan Remix edition, Anouk’s Mr Miyagi diss track, angsty generation?, JW anecdote, AJ’ sentimental life, how the Asterix comic explains Yann’s approach to meeting girls from teenage years to about 30, High School Musical moment (first outing as an actor, Is that even legal?), flirting, being pessimist, rule 55 in Mark Westbrook’s 100 tips for actors, how to conquer the world, where are the actors now?, a short bit on the World Cup, Liv Tyler Web Site, episode 50, our podcast so far, our concept (discussion rather than review), favourite podcast episode, those Displates on our wall, discarding episodes?, what should we do about episode 0?, what happened to episode 29 (Black Panther), news on future episodes (SAW will be back for next horror month), going to see David Helfgott (Shine) perform live, resolutions for the new podcasting year, how transitioning to video changed things, and some insights on how we produce the show. 

Anouk’s Vault: Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

Yann’ Vault: That Thing You Do!

Shout-out to: L.A. Beast

Shout-out to Auphonic without which the audio editing process would be a nightmare.

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