The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard


063.0 - JIGSAW (2017) V2

November 2, 2018

And here we go again, 8th entry in the SAW franchise.

Updates and additions to our V1 episode addressing the flat TV situation, Wikia, continuation of SAW 1 without really taking into account any of the past sequels, does the crime fit the trap?, our social media presence, true crime, and various podcast production things, SAW timeline, 'SAW Story in 5 Minutes (Sort Of)’, the end of the original franchise, rehashing stories, another accomplice AGAIN, Tobin Bell interviews, King Lear, James Wan and Leigh Whannell (creators of SAW), Gears of John (what’s that gearbox for?), weird lines, is a French Jigsaw killer possible?, Thanos, Costas Mandylor lookalike, B plot, John’s x-rays, honest mistake, wall moving during first trap? (set design fault?, Anouk was right, look at that clip to see it, very first scene is not a trap, Shawnee Smith and similarities in actors in SAW, Eleanor, Bechamel test (industry standard), fucking lines, creative use of dictaphones, tough subject matters at the heart of the franchise (making it unique), Tobin Bell as a well of knowledge, colour palette, SEVEN, transitions, how would you react if you were in a trap? (being the one that freaks out?), Xavier vs Charles vs Ryan in the obnoxiousness championships, similarities in concept of not being selfish with SAW V, the final 2 barn people, postpartum depression, cutting your arm off or pulling a lever?, objects falling conveniently in silo, tourniquet, worst decorated house, is it time for SAW to hang up its blade?, ‘DEN’ 2001, 'Would You Rather', 'Pâques Man’ and the noosphere.

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