The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard



December 25, 2018

A zombie musical, set at Christmas, filmed in Port Glasgow? What not to love!

A couple of birthdays (9th December), two origin stories (Janet Lawson, Ryan McHenry), short cast list, Janet the Undead, zombie acting, British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, Jackie Bird, coming of age, The 400 Blows, Edgar Wright inspirations, the « Oh, I’m so sorry. » ‘trope’, guest maybe?, capturing Scottish youth, Mean Girls, ‘It’s That Time Of Year’, getting a character’s identity through their first song, Nick & Anna, Anouk goes on a F-word segment, The Walking Dead, that moment when John realizes he is not going to get the girl but that Adam missed for loo reasons, using our female co-host to get a special insight towards a specific point, homelessness, Social Bite, Sleep in the Park, charity, food banks, harvest festivals, music analysis while doing the dishes (as you do),  Spidey Bells song (Into the Spider-Verse), marathon?, Interscope, Cockneys vs Zombies, Instant Bliss i.e. Yann veering into weird territory, foreshadowing, Headmaster Savage, petits-chefs, ratings, Patreon Xmas, Quantum Leap and various end of episode updates.

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The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard podcast is hosted by Adam Dick, Anouk Aslam Wulfing & Yann Sicamois and produced by Milk In A Wineglass.

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