The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard


079.0 - THE FAVOURITE (2018) - OSCARS 2019

April 22, 2019

Watching it in a new cinema (Everyman Glasgow), the Denis Villeneuve syndrome, let’s talk about Royalty, 2 actresses nominated for Best Supporting Role, who’s the protagonist, piano stroke/violin motif, baroque, harpsichord, fish-eye, camera mouvements, misleading trailer, fast or slow pace, (slow-mo fast-slow pace?), goutte, vomit vase and the Antiques Roadshow reference, culture of digital TV, FOPP/HMV, old vs new, protagonist syndrome clarification, joke of the year, a long tirage about the word beginning with the letter C and makes it that this episode is now flagged as explicit, speaking French a bit (sort of), our ratings, our pick for best picture at the Oscars between this and Roma and introducing The Box.

This episode was recorded before the Oscars 2019 were awarded, you’ll be able to hear our post-ceremony comments in the Oscars 2019 episode coming after our next feature presentation which will be ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ in a few days.

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