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034.0 - BIN LADEN: THE ONE MAN SHOW (2013-2018)

May 1, 2018

Today is all about Knaive Theatre's very first production, an Osama Bin Laden biopic, sort of. Our guests, Sam Redway and Tyrrell Jones.

Yann met and interviewed them during their Edinburgh Festival Fringe festival in 2017 and as they just did a few dates in Glasgow, decided to try and have them on the show.

Was initially streamed live on YouTube (video still available here).

‘Bin Laden: The One Man Show’ is a multi-award winning stage play where Bin Laden (played by Sam Redway) tells you his life story; in a light you’ve not seen before and without preaching.

Knaive Theatre / Bin Laden: The One man Show

They are coming back to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2018 with a new, an very ambitious play, ‘War with the Newts’, adapted from a 1936 satirical science finction novel by Czech author Karel Čapek.

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